What Is the ICD-9 Code for Subdural Hematoma?


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The ICD-9 code for subdural hematoma following a traumatic injury is 852.2, and the ICD-9 code for subdural hematoma relating to non-traumatic injury is 432.1, according to ICD9Data.com. The 432.1 code refers solely to subdural hemorrhage. The 852.2 code references subdural hemorrhage following injury without mention of open intracranial wound.

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The ICD-9 includes eight specific codes within the 852.2 code that further detail specific traumatic subdural hematomas, according to ICD9Data.com. The ICD-9 code is used by medical providers in the United States to classify conditions in accordance with the World Health Organization's ninth edition of the International Classification of Diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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