What Is the ICD-9 Code for Edema?


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The ICD-9 code for edema is 782.3, according to Health Research Funding. Edema is swelling of a body part, which can be caused by conditions including kidney disease, heart disease, deep vein thrombosis, pregnancy, certain medications, cardiomyopathy, hormone therapy and extended sitting.

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The ICD-9 code for unspecified edema in newborns is 778.5, according to ICD9Data. ICD-9 codes used for edema as it relates to pregnancy include those between 642.0 and 642.9 as well as 646.1. Edema relating to kidney function may be covered under the ICD-9 code 581.9. The ICD-9 code relating to acute pulmonary edema with heart disease is 428.1.

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