What Is the ICD-9 Code for Anemia?


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There are eight different ICD-9 codes for anemia, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. They range from 285.0, the code for sideroblastic anemia, to 285.9, the code for anemia unspecified.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines the International Classification of Diseases as a system used to assign specific codes to medical procedures and diagnoses. ICD-9 refers to the ninth revision of the system. The World Health Organization says that ICD-9 codes are used to store and retrieve medical information. These codes are also used to prepare morbidity and mortality statistics.

There are ICD-9 codes for sideroblastic anemia, acute posthemorrhagic anemia, anemia in neoplastic disease, anemia of other chronic disease, anemia unspecified, other specified anemias, anemia in chronic kidney disease and antineoplastic chemotherapy-induced anemia, according to CMS.

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