What Is the ICD-9 Code for ADHD?


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According to ICD9Data.com, the International Classification of Diseases lists the ICD-9-CM code for attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity as ICD-9-CM 314.01. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains, the ICD-9 is no longer used for coding and has been updated to reflect revisions in the ICD-9-CM.

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As Assessment Psychology points out, ADHD is categorized as a mental disorder. It is included in the list of codes falling between 300 and 316, the section which covers neurotic and personality disorders plus other nonpsychotic mental disorders. All versions of ADHD, or hyperkinetic syndromes of childhood, are classified under the 314.XX code, with the digits to the right of decimal point designating the exact form of hyperkinetic syndrome in question. The code 314.01 designates that the ADHD includes hyperactivity.

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