Are Icariin 60 and Similar Supplements Safe?


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Long-term use of Icariin 60 can cause dizziness, increased heart rate, vomiting, dry mouth and nosebleed, according to RxList. Icariin 60 can interact negatively with medication against high blood pressure, anticoagulants and estrogen, among others. Pregnant women and individuals with low blood pressure should avoid taking it.

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Icariin 60 is an extract of horny goat weed, a traditional Asian herbal remedy. It is primarily used as an impotence drug and sexual stimulant for men, notes Icariin Health. The manufacturer also claims it provides increased physical and mental energy and, with exercise, helps build muscle mass by increasing testosteron levels in the body.

There are several other remedies based on horny goat weed. Icariin 60 is one of the most concentrated formulas, according to Icariin Health.

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