How Do You Take Ibuprofen Safely With a Low-Dose Aspirin Regimen?


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Ibuprofen is safely taken 30 minutes after or 8 hours before a daily dose of uncoated aspirin, states WebMD. If ibuprofen is used occasionally, there appears to be no negative interaction between the two medications. However, too much ibuprofen interferes with aspirin’s heart-protecting properties.

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Research has not indicated if any other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as naproxen, affect uncoated aspirin, according to WebMD. In addition, scientists have not learned if ibuprofen or other NSAIDS hinder the effects of coated aspirin tablets. While NSAIDS and aspirin handle pain and inflammation similarly, aspirin impacts blood clotting. However, acetaminophen is sometimes used for pain relief instead of ibuprofen.

Aspirin reduces blood clotting by lowering platelets’ ability to clump, which stops bleeding, explains Mayo Clinic. Although this affects the entire body, it is sometimes advantageous if clots are likely to form in blood vessels around the heart. If a clot forms there, blood flow to the heart is possibly halted, resulting in a heart attack.

Doctors sometimes recommend daily doses of aspirin to a person who has had a heart attack, coronary bypass surgery or a stroke, Mayo Clinic states. The preventative is also suggested for certain individuals who have stents in coronary arteries or angina, which is chest pain from coronary heart disease. However, a heart patient who has a bleeding or clotting disorder, aspirin allergy or bleeding stomach ulcer is not typically a good candidate for aspirin therapy because of the risk of complications.

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