What Are Some Facts About Hyperbaric Chambers for Home Use?


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Hyperbaric chambers used in homes, which have soft, inflatable walls and use ambient air, differ significantly from medical-grade, hard-sided hyperbaric chambers that use pure oxygen, according to the Oxford Recovery Center. Home hyperbaric chambers cannot provide the same benefits as medical-grade chambers because they cannot achieve the high pressure necessary to saturate the body with oxygen or utilize potent medical-grade oxygen, argues the Oxford Recovery Center.

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Michael Jackson and Tim Tebow popularized the use of home hyperbaric chambers, Slate notes. Hyperbaric chambers are designed to saturate the body with oxygen through breathing and absorption through the skin. Proponents of hyperbaric oxygen therapy believe that oxygen, which accounts for only about 21 percent of breathable air, can provide many health benefits in more concentrated form, including increased energy and endurance, stress relief, faster recovery times and relief from headaches, explains WebMD. Some proponents also believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can treat a range of health conditions, including autism, migraines and traumatic brain injury, Slate notes.

However, most doctors believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides no benefits, explaining that a healthy individual's blood is saturated by breathing in the oxygen from the air, and even advise that long-term inhalation of more concentration levels can be harmful, except for individuals with lung disease, according to WebMD.

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