Does Hydroxycut Really Work?


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Hydroxycut is shown in clinical trials to enhance the course of natural weight loss when coupled with diet and exercise. It combines four natural herbal supplements that generate rapid metabolism and expedite the passage of fat through the body. Side effects make Hydroxycut a dangerous, but effective weight loss supplement.

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Hydroxycut helps people lose weight much faster than diet and exercise alone. It enhances metabolism, provides more energy and speeds up transport of fat through the body so that less is absorbed during digestion. This ensures that people are more motivated to exercise due to higher energy levels. Rapid results also promote more willingness to stick with a diet regimen.

There are serious side effects to consider when using Hydroxycut. This medication is shown to cause serious heart and liver damage. The FDA requested the drug manufacturer voluntarily recall many of its varieties in 2009 due to charges that Hydroxycut posed a serious danger to long term health and well being. Current versions of Hydroxycut are less dangerous but still require medical monitoring by a physician.

Hydroxycut boosts diet results on its own, but it works better with diet and exercise. Users experience twice as much weight loss as those who follow the same routines but do not take the supplement.

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