Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe to Use for Ear Wax Removal?

Hydrogen peroxide is generally safe for earwax removal, states WebMD. People should not perform the treatment if the ear is painful or if there is a discharge other than earwax. Removal should also not be attempted after ear surgery, with ear tubes in place or with a suspected eardrum rupture.

To loosen earwax, equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water are combined, according to WebMD. To prevent pain, the mixture is warmed to body temperature. For five days, two drops are placed in the ear twice daily.

At the end of this period, warm water from a shower head is guided into the ear, WebMD continues. Tipping the head lets the softened wax flow out of the ear. The interior of the ear is then gently dried with a hair dyer on its low setting.