What Is Hydrocodone Acetaminophen 5/325?


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Hydrocodone and acetaminophen 5/325 milligrams, also called Norco, is a prescription medication used to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain, according to RxList.com. Norco is a narcotic medication that may lead to psychic dependence, physical dependence and tolerance with repeated use.

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The most common side effects patients who take Norco report include lightheadedness, dizziness, sedation, nausea and vomiting, states RxList.com. Other side effects include anxiety, mood changes and constipation. Serious side effects of hydrocodone with acetaminophen that warrant an immediate call to a doctor include slow heartbeat, shallow breathing, confusion, unusual behavior and seizures. Patients are advised to seek emergency medical attention for signs of an allergic reaction, including hives; difficulty breathing; and swelling of the mouth, lips or throat.

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