Does Hurtle Cell Lesion/neoplasm Predict Malignancy More Than Follicular Lesion/neoplasm?


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As of 2015, whether Hurthle cell lesion/neoplasm, or HLN, predicts more malignancy than follicular lesion/neoplasm, or FLN, when diagnosed using thyroid fine-needle aspiration remains a point of controversy, states PubMed.gov. Some studies show that a thyroid fine-needle aspiration diagnosis of HLN does not predict more malignancy than FLN.

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It is a standard procedure to use thyroid fine-needle aspiration when clinically assessing nodules on the thyroid. Comparing Hurthle cell lesion/neoplasm diagnoses of about 31 percent to follicular lesion/neoplasm diagnoses of about 28 percent reveals no substantial difference between the two groups in cancer predictions, notes PubMed.gov. Patients with Hurthle cell carcinoma are usually older than other cancer patients. Older patients and males with a thyroid fine-needle aspiration diagnosis of HLN carry a higher risk of Hurthle cell carcinoma after removal or part or all of the thyroid.

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