Does It Hurt to Remove a Foley Catheter?


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The removal of a Foley catheter should not hurt, but the patient may feel a small pulling sensation as the doctor or nurse takes it out, states UCLA Urology. The procedure itself does not take more than a minute. A Foley catheter is removed when the patient no longer needs the device to drain urine from the bladder.

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After the removal of the catheter, it is possible that someone can pass urine unexpectedly. However, incontinence should not last for very long. The patient will eventually regain normal urine flow, and Kegel exercises may be useful for this purpose, notes UCLA Urology.

A Foley catheter is a tubing apparatus that is inserted into the bladder to facilitate the passage of urine. The rubber tubing is attached to a bag that collects the urine. The procedure is done for different reasons, such as after a surgery, urine retention problems and certain disorders that limit the amount of urine flow from the bladder, reports eMedicineHealth. For example, a man with an enlarged prostate may have trouble urinating. This may require the placement of a Foley catheter.

There are some risks associated with a Foley catheter, such as bleeding from the urethra and infections, according to eMedicineHealth. The risks for infections can be greater the longer a patient has to use a catheter.

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