How Do You Find Humana Eye Care Providers?

Humana's customer care line provides assistance in locating providers via phone, and the company's vision care focused website at includes searchable eye care provider directories. From the United States, call 1-866-537-0229 to reach a Humana customer care representative.

The customer care line assists with locating both general vision care providers and Lasik or laser vision correction surgeons. The online searchable directories separate these two functions with a specialized directory for laser vision correction surgeons and a different directory for all other Humana eye care providers. Note that the online directories do not include Lasik and PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) surgeons within the Humana network at TLC Laser Centers, and these may only be located via customer care.

To find the online directories, begin at, and scroll down to "HumanaVision VCP Tools." Click on either "HumanaVision VCP Lasik provider locator" or "HumanaVision VCP provider locator." Both directories take you away from the HumanaVision site and appear different in style from the HumanaVision pages.

Both online directories are searchable by address and postal code, allowing you to find providers in a given area. Alternatively, entering a provider's name allows for checking both contact details and whether a provider is part of the Humana network.