Why Does the Human Body Needs Phosphorus?


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Phosphorus has several important functions in the human body, one of which is helping to build strong bones. Experts from the Linus Pauling Institute say phosphorus is a significant structural component of bone tissue.

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Why Does the Human Body Needs Phosphorus?
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One of the structural components of bone is calcium phosphate. Calcium phosphate contains calcium, phosphorus and oxygen, making phosphorus necessary for bone growth and stability. Phosphorus is also an important part of the cell membrane, which separates the inner components of the cell from their external environment.

Several hormones and enzymes would not work properly without phosphorus because they rely on a process called phosphorylation. Additionally, phosphorus helps maintain normal acid/base balance in the human body by acting as a buffer.

Food sources of phosphorus include eggs, dairy products, chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, lentils and peanuts.

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