How Do You Get Huge Biceps?

How Do You Get Huge Biceps?

Perform routines at least three times a week with set repetitions for each exercise. Expect results in about three weeks.

  1. Perform barbell curls

    Stand with feet shoulder width apart, holding the barbell with both hands. Slowly curl the barbell upwards towards your chest, keeping your elbows locked by your sides. Once the barbell reaches your chest, slowly lower it back down to complete one repetition.

  2. Perform a one-arm dumbbell preacher curl

    This exercise intensifies the muscle activity in the biceps by focusing on one arm at a time. While sitting on a bench, hold one dumbbell in your left hand using an underhand grip. Extend the left arm to the floor, and then slowly curl the dumbbell up, attempting to touch your left shoulder. This is one repetition. Repeat all repetitions on the left side before moving on to the right side.

  3. Perform incline dumbbell curls

    Performing dumbbell curls while lying at an incline allows for full range of motion in the arms and intensifies the results for the biceps. While lying on an incline bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms extended down and straight, curl both arms up towards your shoulders, then back down to the starting position.