What Are Some Household Treatments for Spider Veins?


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Household items used to treat spider veins include guava, mustard and castor oils, apple cider vinegar, and oranges, claims Find Home Remedy. These items improve blood circulation to the affected areas, and the complication is more common in women than in men.

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Poor blood circulation, genetic factors, changes in hormones and standing for extended periods cause occurrence of spider veins, claims Find Home Remedy. The most common way of treating spider veins is using apple cider vinegar. This vinegar enhances the appearance of the veins by increasing blood circulation to the affected area and reduces the swelling. For treatment, an individual should dampen a cloth in vinegar, and then apply on the veins. This process is done twice a day until the veins recover their usual look.

Oranges and guavas are good sources of vitamin C, which result in stronger veins and better circulation of blood, suggests Find Home Remedy. The antioxidant nature of these fruits protect cells and tissues from damage. Guavas have vitamin K, which enhances the flow of blood to tissues and prevents the veins from discoloring.

Castor and mustard oils improve the circulation of blood to the affected areas, notes Find Home Remedy. These oils reduce itching and swelling of the veins, diminish appearance of spider veins and relieve pain. Patients should massage the affected areas with either of the oils twice a day in order to completely heal the complication.

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