Do Hot Flashes Follow a Certain Pattern, and How Long Do They Last?


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The pattern and duration of hot flashes varies from individual to individual. Hot flashes do not have one common pattern or set of patterns, so each woman must track her own symptoms to find how her specific body experiences them. However, there are some general rules for the duration of hot flash symptoms. Most women experience hot flashes for six months to two years, although they can sometimes last ten years or more, reports the North American Menopause Society.

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Although some women experience hot flashes for many years or even their whole lives, hot flashes tend to get less severe as time passes, according to WebMD. The severity and frequency of hot flashes can also be alleviated. Lifestyle changes, hormone therapy, and prescription or nonprescription remedies all show promise for reducing the symptoms of hot flashes. As of November 2015, the only remedies that have been governmentally approved to treat hot flashes are hormone therapy and an antidepressant called Brisdelle, the North American Menopause Society advises.

Some factors that could increase hot flashes include stress, caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, tight clothes, heat and cigarette smoke, explains WebMD. To experience hot flashes in less frequent patterns and for a shorter duration, it is wise to avoid these triggers.

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