How Do You Get Hot Abs?

How Do You Get Hot Abs?

Getting hot abs is an involved process that can take months to complete. To develop great abs, you need access to a location where you can exercise freely and some flexibility in your diet.

  1. Develop a healthy diet

    Work on a diet that is well balanced and rich in protein, healthy fats and vegetables. A low-calorie diet with the proper nutritional values is the most important step in developing defined, cut abs. Focus on proteins such as lean meats and seafood. Healthy fats such as raw nuts and olive oil keep your body's metabolism functioning at an effective rate. Raw vegetables are excellent sources of minerals and fiber, which can help your body lose fat and reveal your abs more quickly.

  2. Build a well-balanced workout plan

    Don't focus exclusively on ab exercises like crunches. Instead, use a whole-body fitness approach to lose weight and define your abdominal muscles. Incorporate exercises including squats, lunges, dips, pushups and military presses into your routine in addition to traditional ab-focused exercises.

  3. Get regular cardiovascular exercise

    Start performing intense interval cardiovascular exercises. Instead of running at a regular pace for a long time, sprint intermittently as fast as you can. While you recover from that intense sprinting, perform some quick and easy exercises until you catch your breath. Get back on the treadmill and repeat the entire process.