Which Hospitals Do the Most Liver Transplants?


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During the period of Jan. 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014, the Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus, which is also known as Rochester Methodist Hospital, performed the most liver transplants to living patients in the United States, according to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients. The hospital performed 48 transplants to living adults during the time studied, which was nine more than New York Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Medical Center.

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The Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans performed the most transplants from deceased patients for the Jan. 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014 period, followed by Mayo Clinic Florida in Jacksonville, according to published reports by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients. For transplants to living people under the age of 18, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC performed the most liver transplants, with 14 for the period studied. Children's Hospital Los Angeles performed 13, placing it in second place.

In most liver transplants, doctors take a liver from a donor who has died and replace a living person's malfunctioning liver with the donated liver, says Mayo Clinic. In rare cases, liver segments from living donors can be transplanted. Patients require liver transplants when their livers fail due to infection, medication interaction or long-term damage, according to WebMD. Alcoholism, hepatitis resulting in cirrhosis, and cancer are some of the diseases that might cause liver failure and necessitate a liver transplant.

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