Is Honey Bad for People With Diabetes?


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Pure, unprocessed honey is not necessarily bad for people with diabetes, according to Mayo Clinic. However, it must be consumed with caution because it does have a relatively high number of carbohydrates.

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Is Honey Bad for People With Diabetes?
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Honey can be a better sweetener than sugar because it is naturally sweeter, which may lead to diabetic patients using less overall. However, it still affects blood sugar levels in a manner similar to sugar. Its sweetness mainly comes from fructose, according to Everyday Health, and more than 50 grams of fructose consumed in a day can lead to significant blood sugar increases. A tablespoon of honey contains approximately 8 grams of fructose.

People with diabetes need to carefully control their daily carbohydrate intake as well as their overall calorie intake, according to Mayo Clinic. Honey has more calories and carbohydrates than the same amount of granulated sugar does. As a result, honey should be carefully measured and consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet plan. It is also important to consume only pure honey to ensure accurate nutritional information. Some honey has added sweeteners, such as sugar or corn syrup, according to NBC News. Reputable suppliers note this on their products by describing it as a honey blend.

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