Are There Homeopathic Treatments for Stage IV Colon Cancer?


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There are anecdotal cases of homeopathic treatments such as changing to a plant-based diet and managing sources of stress in life to help people recover fully from stage IV colon cancer. This regimen is also much more comfortable than the rigors of a chemotherapy treatment, reports Meg Wolff for The Huffington Post.

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Are There Homeopathic Treatments for Stage IV Colon Cancer?
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Managing sources of stress can be instrumental in facilitating healing, according to Wolff. Eliminating stress can involve changing careers and finding new ways to increase health, such as starting an exercise program. Meditation is another way to deal with stress, as the mental discipline of finding that inner quietude can help healing go a long way. Finding a sense of purpose in life can also help stress to dissipate.

Switching to a diet of whole grains, vegetables and beans from a typical American diet loaded in starches and animal proteins can also be beneficial, explains Wolff. Combining that approach with a new commitment to physical fitness is part of a larger holistic journey to wellness. While there is no guarantee that these changes drive stage IV colon cancer from the body, there is no such guarantee with chemotherapy either, and for some, this homeopathic journey is vastly preferable.

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