Are There Any Homeopathic Treatments for Hives?


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Sulphur, urtica urens, natrum muriaticum and rhus toxiconendrun are all homeopathic remedies for hives suggested by Dr. Deborah Gordon. She also recommends hepar sulphuris, arsenicum album and apis as homeopathic remedies depending on the condition.

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Are There Any Homeopathic Treatments for Hives?
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Apis is the most common homeopathic remedy for treating hives, reports Dr. Gordon. The hives that respond best to apis are often responsive to cold therapy and are hot and swollen. Hives that burn but are accompanied by chills or diarrhea may be treated with arsenicum album. Chronic hives which are accompanied with chills can be treated with hepar sulphuris. Hepar sulphuris is also recommended for small, prickly hives or hives on the face, hands or scalp.

White hives appearing on the hands, ankles or joints may be treated using natrum muriaticum, adds Dr. Gordon. Hives accompanied with arthritic pain or increased sensitivity to cold air or water should be treated with rhus toxicodendrun. Sulphur is touted as a remedy for hives characterized by severe burning sensations located on the feet, throat or thighs. These symptoms are often relieved using cold therapy. Urtica urens may provide relief for extremely itchy hives. These hives are normally white with red edges, and they may be located on the scalp or fingers. Arthritic pain associated with hives may be reduced using urtica urens. Two to three pellets of these supplements should be taken daily for three days to treat the allergic reaction.

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