What Is a Homeopathic Remedy for Swollen Feet?

homeopathic-remedy-swollen-feet Credit: Dimitri Otis/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

One homeopathic remedy for swollen feet is the use of dandelions. Dandelions can be consumed in many forms, and they are often used to make tea.

To make dandelion tea, users should wash the dandelion greens thoroughly and let them dry out for several days. Users can then add 1 teaspoon of dandelion leaves to 1 cup of boiling water. They can also add honey or sugar to help improve the bitter taste. Dandelions can also be added to fresh foods, such as salads or cooked in soups. Dandelions offer many health benefits including improving the appetite, reducing swelling, relieving constipation and increasing urine output, according to WebMD.

A peppermint foot bath is another homeopathic way to reduce swelling of the feet. A peppermint bath is made by filling one shallow tub with hot water and one shallow tub with cold water. Users should add several teaspoons of peppermint oil to both tubs and soak their feet in the tub of hot water for around 10 minutes. After soaking in the hot water, users should immediately switch their feet to the cold water tub leaving them in for only 30 seconds to a minute. This can be repeated several times for best results.