What Is a Homeopathic Remedy for Burning and Pain in the Urinary Tract of a Married Woman?


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There are several homeopathic remedies for burning and pain in the urinary tract of a married or unmarried woman, and these include high intake of water, soothing the pain with heat, regular urination and appropriate dressing, according to Healthline. This condition is more common in women than in men and children.

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Bacteria infects the bladder, while acidic urine irritates the urinary tract, resulting in pain and burning sensation, notes Healthline. Water dilutes the urine and washes away bacteria from the tract. Individuals who suffer from this condition should avoid caffeinated drinks, tea and soda.

Regular urination can help in removing bacteria from the bladder, explains Healthline. Urinating immediately after sexual intercourse can aid in washing away bacteria that was pushed deep into the urethra from the tract, thus preventing further infection that may lead to pain.

Placing a heat pad wrapped in a towel over the bladder may offer comfort to the patient and reduce the pain, claims Healthline. Moisture supports the breeding of bacteria, so dressing in cotton underwear, pants or skirts that are casual and relaxed allow adequate circulation of air, which hampers the growth of bacteria.

A regimen of antibiotics and pain relievers, which may be bought over the counter, can help alleviate pain in women who suffer from this condition, as stated by Healthline. However, a doctor's recommendation is necessary prior to applying the drug therapy.

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