What are some homeopathic cures for lymphoma?


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Homeopathic cures for lymphoma include arsenic album, ferrum phos, china, phosphorus, natrum mur, calcaria carb and ceanonthus. One among these treatments can be selected by a qualified homeopathic doctor based on the causes, symptoms and other modalities exhibited by the patient, states Hpathy.

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Arsenic album is prescribed if the patient suffers from debility, pallor and shortness of breath and has a weak heart action and glandular enlargement. This is also useful in lymphoma patients with profound blood changes and anxiety, states Hpathy.

Ferrum phos is the best treatment in patients with anemia with hemorrhage, constipation and overall debility. China is recommended when fever with chills occur periodically and the patient has an enlarged spleen. This remedy is beneficial against disturbed bowels and hot and dry skin. Phosphorus is prescribed when the patient is highly debilitated with heart palpitations and shortness of breath. It is also given when the patient complains of loose and offensive stools, says Hpathy.

Natrum mur is given to those lymphoma patients whose complexion is pale and greasy. It is also prescribed in patients who suffer from anemia, chills down the back and cold feet. Calcaria carb is indicated when the cervical glands are affected. This is useful in patients complaining of exhaustion and excessive perspiration. Ceanonthus is prescribed in patients with spleen enlargement leading to anemia, reports Hpathy.

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