What Are Some Homemade Treatments for Nose Bleeds in the Elderly?


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Home treatments for nose bleeds in the elderly include ice, a cotton ball soaked in vinegar, gauze soaked in petroleum jelly or pinching the nostrils closed for 10 minutes. Nose bleeds are either anterior or posterior. Posterior nose bleeds often can't be managed at home and require a doctor.

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Ice or something of a similar temperature, such as a bag of frozen vegetables, can be wrapped in a small towel and held against the bridge of the nose until bleeding has stopped for several minutes. The cold constricts blood vessels. It can also reduce swelling or inflammation if nose trauma caused the bleeding. Placing a cotton ball that has been soaked in white vinegar into the nostril can make it stop bleeding by sealing up the wall of the blood vessel.

To pinch the nostrils shut, place the index finger and thumb on the area of the nose beneath the bridge. It is important to sit straight with a slight forward bend, as tilting backwards can cause blood to go down the back of the throat.

Anterior nose bleeds come from blood vessels in the front of the nose. These nose bleeds can usually be managed at home. Posterior nose bleeds come from arteries in the back of the nose and are more common among the elderly.

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