What Are Some Homemade Remedies for Bedsores?


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Examples of home treatments for bedsores include repositioning, using support surfaces and keeping the wound clean. Other methods are applying dressings, eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals (vitamin C and zinc are particularly helpful), as well as taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines, according to Mayo Clinic.

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If a bedsore is present, the caregiver should reposition the patient's body about every 15 minutes to an hour. This helps reduce friction and shearing, says Mayo Clinic. People confined to a bed need to move positions at least every two hours. Support systems, such as special cushions, help the body rest in an appropriate position, which helps relieve pressure on sores and protect vulnerable skin. Styles of special cushions include foam, air-filled and water-filled.

Keeping bedsores clean helps prevent an infection that can cause more serious health risks. For wounds that are not open or broken, a gentle wash with a mild soap and warm water is sufficient, states Mayo Clinic. Open wounds require a cleansing with salt water whenever the dressing is changed. Dressings help heal bedsores by keeping the wound moist and protecting against infection. Aloe vera gel and calendula cream help heal closed bedsores, according to Homemade Medicine.

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