What Are Some Homemade Recipes for Detoxifying the Body?


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Recipes for homemade preparations to detoxify the body include carrot, lemon and wheatgrass juice; daikon and shiitake consommé; garlicky greens with lemon; green-tea-scented quinoa with corn; and carrot salad with sesame seeds, according to Delicious Living. Although these recipes are appropriate for any time of day, some find it helpful to start with juices and then have the consommé and solid foods later in the day.

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The carrot, lemon and wheatgrass juice offers a healthy dose of vitamin C to start off the day, and the wheatgrass juice is available for purchase in natural food stores in convenient 1-ounce containers, reports Delicious Living. Daikon and shiitake consommé provides rich nourishment in a hydrating broth that works for both short- and long-tern detox regimens. Adding cayenne to this preparation can also help increase circulation, and combining with tofu, brown rice or edamame makes for a heartier meal.

Leafy greens with garlic help protect the liver and rid the body of toxins, explains Delicious Living. The garlic enhances circulatory health and increases liver enzymes important in clearing toxins. Carrot salad with sesame seeds contains healthy fiber for regularity and is rich in antioxidants. Green tea-scented quinoa offers a flavorful recipe option that's high on proteins and easy to make. Brewing the tea lightly before using it in the recipe can avoid bitterness.

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