What Are Some Homemade Pregnancy Test Recipes?

Although women can run to the store and purchase a pregnancy test or get tested at a doctor’s office, some prefer to learn about their pregnancy the old-fashioned way. For those who have their various reasons to not opt for modern-day pregnancy tests, the website homemadetestpregnancy.com offers recipes to show a woman how to create her own tests.

A woman’s urine is the determining factor for all of the following homemade tests. The human chorionic gonadotropic, or hCG, compound that is present in a woman’s urine when she is pregnant is detected by all of the substances suggested in these homemade tests. The first test utilizes dandelion leaves. The Homemade Pregnancy Test website shares a methodology in which a woman takes cut dandelion leaves and inserts them into a plastic container. From there, she urinates on them. After 10 minutes, if the leaves develop reddish spots, she is pregnant.

Bleach is another agent used for homemade tests; however, when using bleach, it is best to be cautious because of the fumes mixing with urine. The Homemade Pregnancy Test website suggests placing bleach into a small plastic container. Once the urine is mixed with bleach, it will foam, indicating the woman is pregnant. A woman can also place an unspecified amount of Pine Sol in a small plastic container. If the color of the Pine Sol changes after she adds urine, she is pregnant.