What Are Some Homemade Cures for Warts?


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Two popular home remedies for treating warts are tape occlusion and salicylic acid treatment, according to WebMD. Experts warn against any home remedies that call for a person to cut or burn a wart off as this can lead to injury and complications.

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The tape occlusion method recommends placing duct tape over the warts for six day, explains WebMD. After that, the wart is soaked with water and then scraped off using an emery board or pumice stone. Individuals can repeat this method several times but should stop for awhile after two months.

Most drug stores sell creams and skin patches containing salicylic acid, advises WebMD. Due to its efficacy and safety, this is the preferred method of wart treatment as of 2015. These products are generally inexpensive and painless to use. Both the tape occlusion and salicylic acid home treatment methods are considered safe for adults and children.

A skin virus caused by human papillomavirus infection causes warts, as stated by WebMD. Warts are contagious and transfer from one area to another. To minimize spreading, patients need to cover outbreaks with bandages and keep affected areas dry. They must also avoid picking at warts and wash their hands frequently.

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