What Are the Home Treatments for Removing Skin Tags?


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At-home treatments for removing skin tags include freezing or cutting off the tag, as reported by MedicineNet. A small piece of string or dental floss can be tied around the base of the skin tag, and after several days, the skin tag should fall off.

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Over-the-counter medications for skin tags are similar to wart removers. They work by freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen until it falls off after seven to 10 days, according to Medical News Today. Cutting off one small skin tags may not need a local anesthetic, but it may be desired if there are larger or multiple skin tags in an area, as reported by MedicineNet. Cutting off a skin tag offers immediate results and generally results in only minor bleeding.

Skin tags are generally harmless and are typically removed for cosmetic or aesthetic decisions, as reported by Medical News Today. There is no evidence that shows removing skin tags results in more skin tags in that location.

Over half of the population is believed to have skin tags, according to MedicineNet. Overweight individuals usually have more skin tags. The high levels of hormones during pregnancy also increase the number of skin tags. The skin tags that grow on children are typically located on the neck or underarms.

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