What Are Some Home Treatments for Poor Leg Circulations?


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Exercise is one of the few recommended home remedies for poor leg circulation, which is also known as peripheral artery disease, according to Cleveland Clinic. Most patients use a walking program to get their exercise.

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General health and lifestyle changes are also effective in treating many cases of poor leg circulation, as claimed by WebMD. Eating a healthy diet can help increase circulation, and people who smoke cigarettes should quit.

Walking is effective no matter what causes the poor circulation, and it is usually the first thing doctors recommend, according to Cleveland Clinic. It works because the exercise stimulates blood flow and causes small new blood vessels to grow in the legs, which can bring blood to areas that were previously blocked.

Aspirin is another home remedy that can help some cases of peripheral artery disease, according to MedicineNet.com. It was once believed that aspirin might prevent new blood vessels from growing properly, but researchers discovered that it does not inhibit that growth. People with this condition are prone to strokes, heart attacks and other complications caused by blood clots. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner, which can help prevent these life-threatening complications. It also helps relieve the pain during exercise that is sometimes associated with poor circulation.

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