What Are Home Treatments for Panic Attacks?


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According to WebMD, panic attacks can be treated at home with deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxation exercises. Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts and minimizing caffeine intake can also help to minimize symptoms and prevent full-blown panic. WebMD also explains that guided imagery exercises, such as listening to relaxing audio recordings or visualizing a relaxing setting, can also help to promote relaxation and decrease anxiety.

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What Are Home Treatments for Panic Attacks?
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The Calm Clinic explains that physical exercise, slowed breathing and desensitization exercises that simulate panic attacks can also help to treat panic at home. While home remedies for panic attacks can effectively minimize symptoms, it's always a good idea for sufferers to consult with a medical professional prior to starting home treatment, according to the Calm Clinic. This is because while rare, panic attacks can also be brought on by underlying medical conditions.

According to Mayo Clinic, the specific underlying cause of panic disorder is unknown, but panic attacks may be linked to stress and genetics. Certain studies have indicated that panic attacks are similar to the body and brain's natural response to actual dangerous situations, also referred to as the fight-or-flight response. However, it is unclear why certain individuals experience this type of reaction when they are not in danger.

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