What Are Some Home Treatments for Laryngitis?


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Acute laryngitis usually improves on its own, so home treatments, such as drinking extra fluids or using lozenges, are suitable for relieving the symptoms, states Mayo Clinic. Doctors also recommend resting the voice as much as possible and increasing the moisture level in the air with a dehumidifier.

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What Are Some Home Treatments for Laryngitis?
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When a dehumidifier isn't available, a hot bowl of water provides an easy way to inhale steam and moisten the throat, according to Mayo Clinic. Chewing gum or gargling saltwater are other options for adding moisture, while avoiding decongestants, caffeine, smoke and alcohol help to prevent dryness and dehydration. In addition to hydrating the body, drinking fluids thins out mucus buildup and clears it out of the respiratory passageways.

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