What Are Some Home Treatments for Insomnia?


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Home treatments for insomnia include lifestyle and bedtime habits, such as exercising, avoiding nicotine use, making the bedroom comfortable, keeping to a sleep schedule and relaxing before bed, explains Mayo Clinic. It is important to keep good habits consistent and continual.

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What Are Some Home Treatments for Insomnia?
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Additional lifestyle habits that can help treat insomnia include limiting naps, limiting caffeine and alcohol, making sure medications are not worsening the insomnia and making sure that pain or discomfort is not contributing to the insomnia, according to Mayo Clinic. Ways to make the bedroom more conducive to good sleep include hiding clocks and only using the bedroom for sleep or sex. Some helpful ways to relax before bed are to take a warm bath, put aside plans or worries, read, listen to relaxing music and perform breathing exercises.

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