What Are Some Home Treatments for a Cyst?


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Applying a warm, wet washcloth to a cyst for 20 to 30 minutes can successfully treat it at home, explains WebMD. This should be done three to four times a day, but a person should use caution as to not burn the skin.

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When treating a cyst at home, it is also important not to scratch, squeeze, drain or puncture it, according to WebMD. This could inflame or irritate the cysts, cause severe bleeding or push the infection deeper into the body. The area around the cyst should also be cleaned with antibacterial soap, and if it is infected, it may be painful to the touch.

As an infected cyst is treated with a hot washcloth, the infection rises to the surface of the skin, claims WebMD. It usually takes five to seven days for this to occur. When it does, the cyst may begin to drain pus, and a bandage should be applied to the area to keep the infection contained. The bandage should be changed daily, and if there is a lot of pus draining from the cyst, or if it becomes painful or red, a doctor may need to be consulted. Also see a doctor if the cyst does not go away after about a week.

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