What Is the Best Home Treatment for a Torn Ligament in the Ankle?


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According to the University of Iowa, the best home treatment for a torn ankle ligament is RICE, otherwise known as rest, ice, compression and elevation therapy. To ease pain and swelling from the injury, take either aspirin or ibuprofen in recommended dosages. Consult with a doctor before taking any pain relief medications to avoid potential health risks.

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What Is the Best Home Treatment for a Torn Ligament in the Ankle?
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The University of Iowa suggests putting ice on the injured ankle as soon as possible. Wrap a wet towel around the ankle first, then apply a full bag of ice to the area, or use a bag of frozen vegetables in place of an ice pack. Leave the ice pack on the injury between 10 and 30 minutes at a time for a period of 48 to 78 hours. The same ice pack can be refrozen and used repeatedly following the same steps. Reclining as much as possible is recommended during this initial healing stage. While reclining, elevate the ankle in a position that is slightly above the hips.

As part of the RICE treatment, it is advisable to wear an elastic bandage over the injured ankle to keep it compressed, explains University of Iowa. Walking with crutches during the first few days of healing takes pressure off of the ankle.

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