What Is a Home Treatment for Stomach Gas?


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Home treatment for stomach gas mainly involves making lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, eating slowly, avoiding or limiting foods that cause gas, proper maintenance of dentures, avoiding carbonated drinks and avoiding candies and chewing gum, as stated by Mayo Clinic. It is also necessary to limit habits that may contribute to swallowing the air, such as drinking via a straw.

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Gas-producing foods that need to be limited include lettuce, cabbage, beans, onions, milk and milk products, cauliflower, hard candy, Brussels sprouts, whole-grains, broccoli and fruits, such as pears and apples. Acid reflux may also cause a person to swallow air repeatedly to remove the material, as stated by Mayo Clinic. There are several drugstore products, such as digestive aids and antacids, that can be used to limit the gas, but it is stated that they might not be very helpful, as reported by WebMD.

Abdominal gas is a common condition and it affects every person. Naturally, it is a way the body gets rid of excess air from the stomach. This air may increase due to certain habits and certain foods, thus making the condition embarrassing in some cases. Making lifestyle changes is the best approach to help in avoiding gas build-up in the stomach.

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