What Is a Home Treatment for Sores on Your Tongue?


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Swirling warm salt water around in the mouth treats canker sores on the tongue, according to Dr. Harold Katz. Another treatment consists of mixing milk of magnesia with hydrogen peroxide in a one-to-one ratio and applying this mixture to the ulcer three times daily.

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It is best to use a cotton swab when applying the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and milk of magnesia directly to the tongue ulcer, reports Dr. Katz. Another home remedy consists of mixing a half tablet of Benadryl mixed with milk of magnesia and swishing this wash through the mouth for about a minute, taking care not to swallow it, before spitting it into the sink. Over-the-counter medications, such as Advil or Tylenol, may provide adequate pain relief while the ulcer heals. A deficiency of iron, folic acid or vitamin B-12 can cause chronic ulcers. Supplementation of these vitamins and minerals can help heal these ulcers.

Many different things can cause oral ulcers, but avoiding acidic or spicy foods may help prevent the formation of new ulcers or aggravation of existing ulcers, adds Dr. Katz. Specific toothpastes, especially those that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, have been linked to oral ulcers. Avoiding use of these products may aid in the healing of a tongue ulcer.

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