What Is the Best Home Treatment for a Pilonidal Cyst?


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According to WebMD, the redness, swelling and pain experienced early in an infection of a pilonidal cyst may only be minimal. Sitting in a tub with warm water at home may lower the likelihood that the cyst develops into something that requires incision and drainage for treatment.

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According to WebMD, antibiotics are not effective in healing pilonidal cysts. The preferred method of doctors for an initial pilonidal cyst involves incision and drainage of the cyst, removing the hair follicles and filling the cavity with gauze. The disadvantage of this preferred technique is the need for frequent changing of the gauze until the cyst heals, which may take up to three weeks. Another option exercised by doctors is known as marsupialization. Marsupialization involves incision and drainage, removal of pus and hair and then sewing the edges of the fibrous tract to the edges of the wound. However, this method requires approximately six weeks of healing.

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