What Are Some Home Treatment Options for Pink Eye?


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Some home treatment options for pink eye include removal of contact lenses, if any, applying warm or cold packs to soothe the affected area and taking antibacterials to shorten the amount of time it takes to heal. Pink eye rarely becomes severe and will often disappear without requiring any serious medical attention, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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What Are Some Home Treatment Options for Pink Eye?
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Pink eye is a condition that usually affects the eyes and may result in swelling and redness. If the condition is caused a by a bacteria, a doctor may prescribe certain antibiotics to stem spread and shorten the time taken to heal. Discontinuing the use of contact lenses is key to resolving the issue. Medications such as artificial tears or eye-drops may also be used as treatment for the condition.

Pink eye can be caused by a number of factors, including bacteria, viruses, exposure to too much wind, lack of tears in the eye, smoke, certain chemicals and allergies.

Pink eye can be characterized by many symptoms, with one of the most common being redness or swelling of the white area of the eye. In some cases, a person may start experiencing a discharge from the eye or an abnormal increase in production of tears. Other symptoms may include light sensitivity, irritation around the affected eye and crusting of the eyelids.

The best home remedy for this condition is to ensure the eye is clean at all times and that an ice or heat pack is used to soothe the eye. To prevent spread to other people, avoid sharing towels or any clothing that may have come into contact with the affected eye. Washing hands and avoiding frequent touching of the eye is a prudent way to manage the spread of this condition, notes WebMD.

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