What Are Some Home Remedy Treatments for Swollen Eyes?


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The best home remedies for swollen and puffy eyes include washing the face with cold water and applying cold packs and certain eye creams. These are effective solutions once any serious condition has been ruled out by a health care provider.

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According to eye care experts, most episodes of swollen and puffy eyes are caused by allergies, bouts of crying, stress, poor diet or high sodium intake. Increasing water consumption and eating a healthy diet is an important step for combating puffiness.

Another effective home remedy for swollen eyes is getting plenty of sleep. A lack of adequate rest can cause eyes to appear puffy.

Natural aging and environmental factors may also irritate the delicate skin around the eyes and cause swelling. Supplemental vitamins and eye creams containing vitamins and aloe may combat this.

Eye care professionals do not recommend the use of cucumbers or tea bags as remedies for swollen eyes. While these remedies are popular, experts claim the risk for bacterial infection is higher when using these methods.

Certain diseases and conditions can also cause swollen or puffy eyes. In this case, other symptoms may also be present, such as fever, headache and chills. Prompt medical attention is needed if these symptoms are present.

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