What Are Some Home Remedy Treatments for Lactose Intolerance?


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Home remedies to treat lactose intolerance symptoms consist of limiting dairy consumption, switching to lactose-free products, such as soy milk, eating dairy products along with other foods, switching to active culture yogurts and eating hard cheeses instead of soft. HealthCommunities.com does not advocate completely eliminating all dairy products upon diagnosis but instead recommends controlling the severity of the symptoms.

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What Are Some Home Remedy Treatments for Lactose Intolerance?
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Lactose intolerance symptoms include cramping, bloating, gas, nausea, diarrhea and noises from the abdomen and bowel. HealthCommunities.com does not list lactose intolerance as a significant health risk, with the severity of symptoms varying based on the amount of dairy consumed. Symptoms occur whenever dairy is ingested.

HealthCommunities.com also suggests switching to whole-fat dairy products because the fat slows the digestive process and the rate at which the stomach empties. Lactose-free milk is also available in commercial supermarkets, usually containing roughly 70 percent less lactose than regular versions. Some drugstores and grocery stores also sell lactase liquids or tablets that can be added to dairy products before consumption to eliminate nearly all the lactose. Because the FDA does not require food companies to label their products lactose free, people need to be wary of lactose in baked goods, luncheon meats, salad dressings, soups and artificial sweeteners.

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