Is There a Home Remedy Treatment for Staph Infection?


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To treat a staph infection at home, take antibiotics prescribed by a health care provider, and clean and drain the infected wound, according to MedlinePlus. It is essential for an infected individual to clean cuts and scrapes properly and bandage them until they fully heal.

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Is There a Home Remedy Treatment for Staph Infection?
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A person who suspects he has a staph infection should see a health care professional, as only a doctor can confirm the presence of an infection, notes MedlinePlus. Physicians may obtain a sample from a skin rash or sore using a cotton swab or collect the patient’s blood, urine or sputum. Once staph is detected, the sample is further tested to determine the appropriate antibiotic to treat the infection.

To prevent the spread of a staph infection, use soap and water to wash the hands, and use an alcohol-based sanitizer to keep them clean, as staph germs typically transfer through skin contact, explains MedlinePlus. Avoid sharing soap, razors, clothes, towels, cosmetics and other personal things. An individual should also avoid touching the wounds or bandages of other people.

Doctors advise active people to bathe after an exercise routine and use antiseptic solution to clean sports equipment, says MedlinePlus. Avoid using dirty shower facilities or a common whirlpool or sauna used by an individual with an open sore.

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