What Is a Home Remedy Treatment for Incontinence?


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Depending on the type and cause of a patient's incontinence, HowStuffWorks recommends remedies such as losing weight to relieve pressure on the bladder, using a cone for resistive exercises in the vagina or rectum and quitting smoking. Urinating frequently before leaving the house for errands or social engagements helps to avoid accidents on the go. Patients can also wear liners, inserts or diapers to assist in urine absorption.

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What Is a Home Remedy Treatment for Incontinence?
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HowStuffWorks also recommends visiting a doctor to discuss the possibility of using a urethral insert or urine seal. Traveling urinals are available to patients who need extra assistance when taking road trips.

Tight clothing, such as leggings and control-top pantyhose, should be avoided as they tend to place unnecessary pressure on the bladder and make incontinence difficult to control, says HowStuffWorks. Patients should opt for more comfortable clothing, such as skirts for women, that fits loosely and allows for easy access when the urge to urinate strikes. It may also help to travel with a change of clothes in case unwanted accidents occur.

HowStuffWorks strongly recommends exercises that target the pelvic-floor muscles, such as lying on the floor with the knees bent and contracting the rectum, urethra and vagina repeatedly. When these exercises are performed frequently, they can build a person's ability to hold urine long enough to get to a restroom.

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