What Is the Home Remedy for Swollen Taste Buds?


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Home remedies for swollen taste buds include warm salt water and honey. According to Med-Health.net, gargling three times per day with one teaspoon of salt mixed with warm water helps to stimulate blood flow and minimize inflammation. Honey can treat swollen taste buds when used as an oral swish.

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What Is the Home Remedy for Swollen Taste Buds?
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Additional home remedies for swollen taste buds include applying baking soda to the area of inflammation and applying ice directly to the tongue, says Med-Health.net. Gargling tea tree oil can also help minimize inflammation caused by a swollen taste bud. Glycerin can help soothe the tongue if the inflamed taste buds are due to a burn or laceration. Irritants that can lead to taste bud inflammation include cigarette smoke and harsh mouthwashes. Consulting with a medical professional can help to determine underlying medical causes for swollen taste buds.

According to Healthline, the medical term for taste buds is papillae. Inflamed papillae can occur after eating hot or spicy food or biting the tongue. The tongue can also swell as a result of various medical conditions that include overactive thyroid, leukemia, strep throat and anemia. It is important for anyone experiencing sudden swelling of the tongue to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Rapid swelling of the tongue can indicate an allergic reaction and cause breathing difficulties.

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