What Is a Home Remedy for a Slow Heart Beat?

home-remedy-slow-heart-beat Credit: Tuomas Kujansuu/E+/Getty Images

Individuals with a slow heartbeat can make subtle changes to their daily routine by cutting back or eliminating alcohol, tobacco and caffeine intake, participating in relaxation methods and monitoring their pulse on a regular basis, explains WebMD. An additional home remedy includes lying down and resting when feeling faint or light headed when the heart rate slows.

Patients with a slow heartbeat should keep records of the changes in the body, recommends WebMD. It may help to note the activity during the change in heart rate to determine appropriate treatment in consultation with a medical professional. Patients should also note practices and home remedies that helped to return the heartbeat to a normal rhythm or caused the heart rate to decrease or increase.

People with a slow heart rate should consult with a medical professional to evaluate symptoms and the potential cause of the issue, recommends WebMD. A slow heart rate, also known as bradycardia, can cause symptoms such as fatigue or weakness, chest pain, confusion and concentration problems and a faint feeling. Some patients also feel short of breath, dizzy and light headed with a slow heartbeat. A slow heart rate can also cause a drop in blood pressure, which increases the risk for fainting.