What Is the Best Home Remedy for Psoriasis?


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Medications are the best for psoriasis, but home treatments may work, such as keeping the skin moist and bathing with care, explains WebMD. Getting a bit of sun and stopping smoking can also help treat psoriasis at home.

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What Is the Best Home Remedy for Psoriasis?
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Using moisturizers regularly is a good home remedy for psoriasis, as dry skin can cause irritation and make the itchiness worse, claims WebMD. The best way to keep the skin moist is to use shortening, petroleum jelly, heavy skin creams or olive oil. It is important to limit the use of these products in hot weather, as sweat mixed with them may make the psoriasis worse. It is best to pat the skin dry, and then put the creams on following bathing.

Too much bathing can be detrimental to psoriasis, so it is recommended that a person with psoriasis treat it by limiting showers and baths, explains WebMD. When bathing or showering, lukewarm water should be used, and avoid rubbing the skin after bathing. Since plain water may dry the skin, adding oils, salts or ground oatmeal to bath water may help to soothe the skin. Doctors also recommend only bathing every other day or every third day, especially during the winter.

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