What Are Some Home Remedy Laxatives for Weight Loss?


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There are many home remedy laxatives for weight loss, including water, prunes, beets and cabbage, tender coconut water and legumes, according to Home Remedy Shop. These alternative laxatives should be used for at least five days to positively impact weight loss and should be used only in conjunction with a healthy diet.

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Water is the most basic home remedy laxative because it helps the digestive process. It also helps individuals shed water weight if they drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, explains Home Remedy Shop. Prunes are a healthy remedy that contain high amounts of potassium and vitamin A. Like water, they help with the digestive process, and regularly consuming them when the stomach is empty can help individuals lose weight faster while easing constipation.

Tender coconut water also offers constipation relief, and it does so while reducing the body's cholesterol level. Home Remedy Shop notes that it also makes for a tasty alternative to traditional laxative pills, and it can be consumed every day to maximize its weight-loss benefits. Consuming legumes daily helps with weight loss because they are such a rich source of fiber. Consuming them at breakfast can help speed the weight loss process.

Beets and cabbage work when as a laxative for weight loss when they are consumed as either part of a salad or as juice, according to Home Remedy Shop. These also regulate digestion, and daily consumption can help individuals achieve faster weight loss.

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