What Is a Home Remedy for Eye Swelling?


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A home remedy for swollen eyes is applying a cold compress to the eye area. Ice, cool cucumber slices, or a bag of frozen carrots or peas may be used as a cold compress. A gel eye mask or tea bag can also help to reduce eye swelling, states WebMD.

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If applying an ice pack or frozen vegetables to the eye area, a cloth should be placed in between the eye area and the cold pack. A chemical cold pack should never be used near the eye area, as it could leak and cause eye injury. Keeping the head elevated also helps to reduce eye swelling, according to WebMD.

Swollen eyes caused by loose blood vessels and weakened skin can be treated with an application of a chilled and dampened black tea bag, according to Women’s Health Magazine. The tannins in the tea help to constrict the blood vessels in the eye area to reduce swelling.

If allergies are the cause of eye swelling, it is helpful to wash the face and eyes to flush out any allergens, according to EveryDayHealth. Depending on the cause of swollen eyes, over-the-counter medications such as eye drops or ointments may be used to reduce eye swelling, according to WebMD.

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